“Rapture Dance Company is so different from any studio I’ve ever been to. The vibe here promotes happiness as well as hard work. I love the small class sizes and the attention each student gets because of it. Our teachers teach us more than just a shuffle step and tour jeté. We learn the importance of our bodies and our stories.  We learn to throw ourselves into our dances and give every ounce of energy that we have. We learn that dance is so much more than moves that we are taught and string together. We are so grateful for the art we create together. The time we spend inside the walls of the studio will always be remembered after our years here. Thank you for giving us a home and a safe place. Thank you for creating a family of people who love to not only dance, but support one another every step of the way. Rapture Dance Company is truly more than a studio; it is a group of loving teachers, hard working parents, and dedicated students.”

- Ramey Hensley

A few words from our clients:

All the staff and coaches are amazing! When we relocated to the area, we were immediately welcomed into the Rapture dance "family"! Our daughter has learned so much. 
- Scott S.

All three of my girls dance at Rapture. My oldest two daughters have danced since age 3. This studio has great instructors who really care about your child as a person. The competition dance team is so much fun for the girls and really makes them feel connected to the studio. 
- Tina S.

My daughter has been to 3 different dance Studios in the past and this is the first one that knows her by name when they see her! We appreciate the teachers, and owners! She enjoys going two days a week and we can't wait to see where her dance future goes with RDC!! Thanks for being great!!! 
- Candice B.

I love atmosphere and the people that work there! We drive a good thirty minutes to dance and sometimes it’s not always easy to get there, they are understanding, helpful, and never give the vibe of you don’t belong. They even go the extra mile and have activities for other children that are waiting for their sibling to come out of class. 
- Leticia S.

Absolutely amazing! A welcoming atmosphere with incredible instructors! I highly recommend this studio! 
- Jennifer S.

My daughter has attended Rapture for 2 years now! This studio is the most supportive group of individuals I have seriously ever been around ♥. My daughter falls more and more in love with dance each day, and I know it has a lot to do with the passion and joy Rapture brings to every class. Highly Recommend! #RDC #DanceFamily 
- Cherlyn B.

The quality of instruction and facilities are superior. I am thankful to have my children here, learning and growing under the care of the owner and the instructors who work with her. I look forward to many years with Rapture! 
- Caitlin M.

Rapture , the teachers and dancers have become our 2nd family!
- Nicole Ramundo

Awesome dance studio! Very friendly and knowledgeable about the classes they teach. Go take a peak and see what they have to offer. You won’t be disappointed!!! 
- Mary M.

Love our dance family. The girls the instructors and the other parents. The girls have learned so much and Rapture has expanded their love of dance. 
- Janice M.

Love Rapture Dance Company! My daughter has flourished under the teachers of this studio. She absolutely loves it! Dancing is everything to her and it was important to me to find a studio that cultivated not only her technique and skill in dance, but her self esteem and commeraderie amongst friends within the studio. Rapture has proven to be all of those things and more. Thank you for all that you do to make my daughter the dancer she is today and for giving her memories that will last a lifetime. 
- Carrie R.

We absolutely love Rapture Dance Company!! My nieces and my Daughter attend and they couldn’t be happier. The environment allows the dancers to thrive and grow as dancers and individuals. It truly feels like you are part of a dance family here!! 
- Tiffany K.

"My granddaughter loves the dance instructors, studio. A great group to belong to, the owner is awesome.  She loves Lauren and all her teachers! Thanks for being so great!"
-Shirley B.


"You could not be in better hands than with the people at rapture. They will always ensure you receive top service and quality during your entire experience."
-Kyle W.


"I love that Rapture offers Zumba!  It's so much fun and offered at a very convenient time for working adults!  The studio is very nice and very clean!  I know Lauren on a personal level and she's FANTASTIC with kids and her passion definitely shows.  I would recommend Rapture Dance Company to anyone looking for a dance studio for their child or to any adult looking for a Zumba class!"
-Laura H.


"I took my granddaughter to their open house and took her to classes over the summer, she also attended Princess Camp and will be going back for fall classes.  She loves it and everyone there is very friendly and welcoming to the students and their families.  Lauren the owner is so very helpful, answers any questions you have, and makes you feel comfortable.  I would recommend Rapture Dance Company to anyone who wants their kids to try dance classes."
-Sherry H.

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