Jessica Foote

Jessica Foote began dancing at age 3 and began tumbling and cheerleading in early elementary school. Since then she has extensively trained in ballet, tap, jazz, musical theatre, contemporary and modern. Jessica began as an assistant dance and gymnastics instructor when she was 13 and fell in love with teaching immediately! In 2015, she graduated from NKU with a bachelor’s in Athletic Training (Sports Medicine) and a minor in Dance. While at NKU she performed with the Dance Tour Troupe and in shows such as Spamlot! the musical. After graduation in 2015, she moved to Orlando, FL where she performed and worked as an Athletic Trainer for the local theme parks. During this time she also toured the country as a dancer with Sesame Street Live. Recently, Jessica has relocated back to the Greater Cincinnati area where she works as an Athletic Trainer for Premier Physical Therapy and a dance and gymnastics instructor with local studios. Jessica loves to share her knowledge of injury prevention and management with her students to help them better understand how to protect themselves while training in this amazing art form. She cannot wait to begin the new season with the Rapture students!

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