Samantha Theders

Sam started her dance career at the age of 15 with gymnastics being her primary background since she was 8. She made the transition into the dance world after being a level 9 gymnast. Sam is from Fairfield Ohio, where she has trained and choreographed throughout the Cincinnati area. She taught Acro at her home studio and is currently working with Pones Inc. at local schools to help teach kids dance in after school programs. Sam is currently attending Northern Kentucky University as a Dance Major. She has studied many forms of dance with a major concentration in Improvisation, Modern, Pom and Hip Hop. Sam has competed in Regional and National competitions and competed at the Dance World's in Orlando, FL for Pom, Jazz and Hip Hop. This past year she contined performing and competting while being a part of the NKU Dance Team, and co-choreographing a duet for NKU's Emerging Choreographers Winter Showcase. She also performed in the Winter and Spring Dance Concerts at Northern Kentucky University. Sam is thrilled to be a part of Rapture Dance Company this summer, and cannot wait to share her knowledge and passion with our students!


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